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Rehal Travels Services

REHAL Tours and Travel also helps them take full care of their Super Nunneries or the families of their Floating Staff. As responsible agents, KNK Ship Management with the help of REHAL Tours and Travel, takes care of them right from the time they leave their homes to the time they join their family on the ship. The streamlined co-ordination and efficient functioning of our manifold activities is largely due to the commitment and professionalism of our team which include Master mariners, Engineering Superintendents, M.B.A.'s, Executives and other professional staff. Our State-of-the-Art offices are open twenty four hours throughout the year to accommodate any service you might need.

Our plan to extend Inter-modal transport systems and collect cargo from the hinterland for the exporter is only part of our overall scheme for growth possibilities. Your co-operation, if married to our expertise, dedication and dynamism will have to bear fruit in a relationship that promises nothing but the smoothest of sailings. Following are some of our prominent service list:

Program and workouts on monthly basis are monitored and measures are taken to avoid any un scheduled lay-up for repairs. The personnel placed on board the Tug are interviewed and screened for their competency to work on the TUG Boats with complete orderly documentation.

  • --> Assist KNK Ship Management in handling their Air Cargo.
  • --> With time, however, we have moved beyond being just an associate of KNK Ship Management. We now also cater to corporate clients, tourists and other civilians.
  • --> With this development, we at REHAL Tours and Travel have shifted our focus onto the "Traveler" - the traveler with his many facets: the Corporate traveler, the business traveler, the holiday maker and the eternal truth-seeker, their difficulties and demands; and arrange ourselves as flexibly as possible to provide each of the groups a feeling of being at ease, throughout their stay.
  • --> Our services range from International and Domestic Air Ticketing, Travel Documentation and Hotel Reservations to Rent-a-Car Services.
  • --> We also organize Package Tours to various destinations in India and Abroad. Moreover, we constantly explore new travel ideas and exciting concepts in traveling-be it air charter or luxurious sea cruises.