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With an advanced level 360 ^ Tug Steering Simulator Certification training at our Kwality Professional Academy, freshers can make a jump start in their Sea Farer careers .This certification will give them an edge over others with hands on tug handling training to get into coastal shipping and harbor operations jobs. For more details and enrolment for this course please contact us at mobile : +91 9819712165

  1. Kwality Professional Academy aims to provide robust training to master mariners for the understanding and Manoeuvrability of tugs.
  2. This is a 4-D application that shows visuals and sound on large LCD screens. The system is an exact replica of the real tug. A master mariner will learn how to operate this by using the joystick that works in combination for steering and speed control.
  3. A very important aspect that is taken care of by this training is SAFETY. Trained handlers operating these tugs make the ports, offshore and territorial waters safer. Also, quality of officers and crew manning harbors tugs will improve to International Standards
  4. The simulator can be customized to generate the variable parameters like different sea conditions and climatic changes, which might affect visibility and movement of the tug. As a result of this the tug handlers get accustomed to handling real life situations like ships in distress, adverse weather conditions, accidents. It also improves time effectiveness and improved productivity of handlers.
  5. And last but not the least, it is of immense importance to us businessmen – the commercial viability.
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