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Every Port or Harbour designed with certain navigable depth in it’s channel or water bodies for the safe entry and exit of ships. This depth decreases due to deposition of sediments and other material by the influence of littoral drift, underwater currents, wave & tidal actions etc. This varies from Port/Harbour to Port/Harbour and depends on rate of siltation. To restore it’s depth, removing the accumulated material is inevitable in most of the Ports & Harbours. There are mainly two types of dredging

  • Capital Dredging: When the dredging is carried out for a port for the first time.

  • Maintenance Dredging: The procedure of removing the accumulated material after a capital dredging is called “Maintenance Dredging"

We as dredge owners, managers, charterers and operators for a variety of dredgers have successfully done the Capital Dredging for Mundra Adani port.
Our ocean going tugs have also been used for towage of a number of Cutter Suction dredgers for different principals. Our company also has the expertise for towing of the dredge pipes.