Pluto Shipping

Pluto shipping is ISM certified by D.G. Shipping, Government of India. We are managing Dive Support Vessel(DSV) and Large TSHD for the last 10 years.

All safety equipments on board TUG are surveyed and approved by the classification society. One TUG is FIFI Class 1. As the Port receives Tankers including chemical Tankers. The Tug personnel are trained in fire fighting technique for various chemicals besides petroleum products. The Tugs are regularly deployed for Towage operation of Barges in the Port area for various Bulk / Liquid movements. The Personnel’s placed on Board are according to minimum safe Manning Norms in Accordance with the flag of the Vessel.

Our shore staff consisting of Port Captain marine engineer, superintendent, electronic engineer, Edp Manager and all other qualified personnel constantly keeping vigilance on the operation and the movements of Tugs in Port. Co-ordination and communication is round the clock monitored from our marine office in port of mundra as well as Mumbai office. Shore staff ensures safe operation by providing necessary guidelines and training in the event of any unto wards incident at the Port.

Program and workouts on monthly basis are monitored and measures are taken to avoid any un scheduled lay-up for repairs. The personnel placed on board the Tug are interviewed and screened for their competency to work on the TUG Boats with complete orderly documentation.